A Pinching Shoe

"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that fits all cases."
Carl Jung

Never forget that you are each your own wonderful person and you must live the best life for you. It's hard, but try to not to give into the social pressures of life. You are you and that is always more than enough.

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Iva said...

so true! we are all so unique and should always respect and appreciate and embrace our differences!

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so wonderful! and so what i needed to hear today! thanks for this!!

Christian said...

good post. hard to remember this sometimes.

Golden Stilettos said...

You do know that if you shoes like these hanging on streets this means there is a drug dealer living around the area, right?

Ok, well I don't know this for sure but in NY this is what 'they' say.

Meredith Travels said...

I've heard that too, but I took this photo on top of a giant hill in a Park in Prague (with a giant metranome on top of it) and maybe there were drug dealers but then they were totally dealing out of their tents or little huts in the woods.

And I've always wondered about that; don't drug dealers need their shoes too?

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