Lifetime List Part 2

TADA! Here is part 2 of my 100 before I'm 100 list!  Writing this list is actually harder than I thought it would be.  But, it does help me think about the things in life that are important (like throwing parties, reading books, learning random things); I have some thoughts brewing, but I'm going to keep them in until I am finally at the end of my list.  What is the one thing that you feel like you must in your life?

11. Throw party that people will be talking about for years as one of the best events they've ever been to.
12. Write in a journal daily for a year 
13. Learn to scuba dive
14. Ride an elephant
15. Read War and Peace
16. Have a white christmas
17. Wear a tutu in all seriousness in public
18. Build my dream kitchen (subway tile, giant stove, sofas for hanging out....)
19. Work on conquering my fear/phobia of needles to the point where I can get a shot without being slightly hysterical
20. Learn how to make delicious Indian food (there have been some very failed attempts in the past)

Home Sweet Snowy Home

I'm back in North Carolina y'all! I hope you are all having a fabulous winter week!

errrm or maybe not

I was going to add my 100 before 100 list to the edge of my blog but I couldn't figure out how... I blame this on blogger... It's not my fault at all, no no, never, ever my fault or stupidity.
I have seen lots of awesome bucket lists out there on amazing blogs and well, I want my own!

I'm going to be writing a list to 100 over the next 10 weeks! 

And introducing (in no specific order) the beginning of my 100 before 100:

1. Learn to knit
2. Write a cookbook
3. Learn how to clap to the beat of music on my own (No, seriously. This is an issue)
4. Start a by-mail book swap with my amazingly smart high school friends
5. Learn how to use photoshop
6. Get a puppy and train him so well that I can go for a run and she/he will follow behind me with no instruction
7. Go to every continent
8. Be fluent in French
9. Watch all of Hitchcock's classic movies
10. Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary

I'm going to post this list on the side of my blog and start working on it little by little!

Dog Snuggie!

I want this:

filled with this:

OHHH EMMM GEEEE how freaking cute is that puppy? I want want want it. Seriously, I would just pick it up and squeeze it and bury my face in his little fluffy puppy fur and tell him that he's the most beautiful and smart puppy in the entire world.

I am alive!

Hello my loves,
I am alive and back in Texas now! I like to flatter myself and think that you have all be devastated by my lack of posting. But let's be honest here, all of you who read my blog have most likely already talked to me in real life and you are tots thinking "gah! Go back to Europe and stop talking so damn much!"

But I am here! And I do have lots and lots to blabber to about! We are currently internet free at home and I'm slightly annoyed at my neighbors. How can all 15 wifi signals I pick up have passwords? Don't you people know that I need to easily steal things (services, whatever) from you but not feel guilty because it's not like I'm stealing your puppy or anything.

So get excited for some good posting coming up! And don't worry, I'll keep posting even though I don't think anyone reads. Let's be honest, that's exactly what I do on twitter all the time.

italian word of the day

Cono: ice cream cone, Or more imporantly a gelato cone.

just trying to make you guys all cultural and stuff