What's a girl to pack?

Sigh. I love clothes. Love love love them. Always have. Always will. Since November when I decided to start really saving for this trip I have bought exactly 2 items of clothing for myself, and they were both from target. Granted, I have bought two bridesmaids dresses but that's a different story since "I can totally wear the dresses again" (I love you Stewart and Mel!).

As a girl who has had a lifelong issue with wearing the same outfit more than once in a two week span I have a huge challenge facing me for four months in Europe. I present to you the only thing I will be bringing with me to Europe:

This backpack (http://www.rei.com/product/779900) (Mountain Hardwear Napali 50 liter Women's) will hold everything I will own on my trip from towel (travel sized and super absorbent) to underwear (that's worth a post on it's own! I'm only bringing 3 pairs!!). So, you ask, how are you bringing enough stuff for FOUR MONTHS in that tiny back pack!?!!?

I don't know! I'm going to do a dry run packing this weekend. Here's the plan so far:

Leave from Dallas to London Septemeber 1 with these things:

-2 Skirts (1 green, 1 tbd)

-2 tank tops (1 black, 1 white

-1 cotton shirt

-2 long sleve shirts

-3 pairs of easy wash and wear underwear and bras

-1 flece pullover with hood

-1 pair of athletic shorts for pjs

-1 comfy worn in tshirt for pjs

-2 books-- I'm still debating what books to take that will not be insanely heavy, too fast of a read, or too deep and boring. Suggestions?

-travel journal

-my own personal guide book that has been spliced together from tons of guide books and websites that I have read

-travel towel

-a few random toiletries

I'm seeing friends and my boyfriend Chris in October in Munich for Oktoberfest and I am asking Chris to bring a pair of jeans and long pants to me so I can switch them out for my skirts. The jeans are self explanitory but the pants are long hiking pants that can zip into shorts.

That's certainly not a lot of stuff! I think I can make it, but definitely need to bring a tide to go pen or 2! Or well, knowing me, 15.

I'll keep you updated on how the test run this weekend!!


tick tock tick tock

As always time seems to slip by faster than expected! I am now only 5 WEEKS away from leaving for Europe!!

I have been packing my apartment, donatating and selling most of my belongings, and of course planning my farewell party!

The packing has been going well, I've boxed up all of my books except for travel guides, some cookbooks, and a novel or 2. BUT, I haven't even started to tackle my clothes or everything in my kitchen. The kitchen is definitely going to be a nightmare!!!

On to the fun stuff: my going away party! One of my two best friends in the whole world, Dori, is flying into Dallas from San Fran just to spend one last weekend together before I leave! My bff here in Dallas, Courtney, has an adorable house with a sweet backyard and has so generously vollunteered to throw the party at her house! So Chris, the boyfriend, has brewed a very special beer just to send me on my way after my last weekend in Dallas filled with friends from far and wide, family, and farew'ale!

Soon to come on the blog:
What's a girl to wear?
"Won't you miss America?"

And many many other posts!!