I'm a North Carolina girl who moved Texas only to realize that she wanted to see the entire world.

While my life revolves around wanting to travel right now there is so much more to my random daily musing.  I love to bake; explore Chicago, my new hometown; obsess over UNC basketball; dream about opening my own catering company; dance in my kitchen; imagine living on a cul-de-sac with my best friends; watch Planet Earth; and try something new every single day.

All in all I've realized that despite my sorority jersey of honor and degree from a snobby boarding school and small conservative college in the end I really am just some kumbaya singing hippie liberal who is totally okay with wearing the same clothes over and over and over again and sleeping in rooms with strangers as long as it means I get to go interesting places.   

And yes, sleeping in hostels does suck.  But at least you're somewhere really really reaaaalllly awesome.