Life is short. I want to live it to the fullest.... let's start checking adventures off one at a time....

1. Learn to knit
2. Write a cookbook
3. Learn how to clap to the beat of music on my own (No, seriously. This is an issue)
4. Start a by-mail book swap with my amazingly smart high school friends
5. Learn how to use photoshop
6. Get a puppy and train him so well that I can go for a run and she/he will follow behind me with no instruction
7. Go to every continent (So far I've been to Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. I don't know if Asia counts because I was there for about an hour while in Istanbul!)
8. Be fluent in French
9. Watch all of Hitchcock's classic movies
10. Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary
11. Throw a party that people will be talking about for years as one of the best events they've ever been to.
12. Write in a journal daily for a year
13. Learn to scuba dive (Completed in Utila, Honduras July 2010! I can't wait to go again!)
14. Ride an elephant
15. Read War and Peace
16. Have a white christmas
17. Wear a tutu in all seriousness in public
18. Build my dream kitchen (subway tile, giant stove, sofas for hanging out....)
19. Work on conquering my fear/phobia of needles to the point where I can get a shot without being slightly hysterical  (ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT TEARS MAY 27)
20. Learn how to make delicious Indian food (there have been some very failed attempts in the past)
21. Live in a city that is no more than an hour drive from the mountains
22. Create a 5-year plan that is feasible, interesting, and exciting.
23. Go to the World's Longest Yard Sale in Tennessee.
24. Win the weekly cartoon-captioning contest in the New Yorker.
25. Go 12 months without losing a cell phone.
26. Donate 10+ inches of hair to Locks of Love
27. See the Taj Majal
28. Collect and record stories about my family from my grandparents
29. Break the habit of picking at the skin around my nails. Youch! It hurts!
30. Bungy jump from the world's tallest bungy jump from Bloukrans bridge in South Africa. 
31. Have a “signature dish”—something that everyone will ask me to bring to a potluck.
32. Go ice fishing.
33. Get all of my amazing girlfriends across the nation together for an unforgettable weekend.
34. Spend a month in the woods with nothing but the pack on my back and whatever I can carry in it.
35. Use the phrase “the last time I was in Thailand” in a completely legitimate way.
36. Own my own company.
37. Learn how to clean and cook and entire fish.
38. Play with a baby elephant
39. Run a 7-minute mile.
40. Compete in a
hot air balloon race.

41. Live in a foreign country
42. Play tennis at a 4.0 level (right now I'm a measly 2.75)
43. Learn the names of the constellations
44. Beat my Mom at Scrabble  (I did it!!! On a plane! Which means it was a trans-Atlantic win!)
45. Start a compost pile
46. Buy a gorgeous piece of stained glass
47. Learn how to be a good haggler
48. Wear a two-piece with ease again
49. Be an extra in a movie
50. Learn how to play chess
51. Have the courage to cut my hair super short (inches from my scalp).
52. Try to go 2 months without eating meat (if not longer!).
53. Go spear fishing.
54. Have a garden.
55. See the Great Barrier Reef.
56. Cut down my own Christmas tree.
57. Learn how to use the weigh machines at the gym (Chris has been teaching me! Yay!)
58. Sew a dress that looks like I could have bought it at a store.
59. Hold a koala.
60. Learn how to make a perfect souffle. 
61. Be able to do and hold a handstand (again. Gah! 9 year old me was AWESOME!)
62. Read all of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov (I've never been able to make it all the way through)
63. Own a house.
64. Always write thank you notes (my birthday is September 24th, I'd be happy to send you a thank you note in exchange for a present!) 
65. Scan and organize all photos from high school on
66. Jump off a cliff.  Cliff diving sounds amazing!
67. See the live taping of a television show
68. Use a rain barrel to help be more environmentally friendly (but I guess I need a garden, number 54, first)
69. Learn how to throw a lasso (why not?)
70. Visit the town in Austria where my Great-Grandfather was born