tick tock tick tock

As always time seems to slip by faster than expected! I am now only 5 WEEKS away from leaving for Europe!!

I have been packing my apartment, donatating and selling most of my belongings, and of course planning my farewell party!

The packing has been going well, I've boxed up all of my books except for travel guides, some cookbooks, and a novel or 2. BUT, I haven't even started to tackle my clothes or everything in my kitchen. The kitchen is definitely going to be a nightmare!!!

On to the fun stuff: my going away party! One of my two best friends in the whole world, Dori, is flying into Dallas from San Fran just to spend one last weekend together before I leave! My bff here in Dallas, Courtney, has an adorable house with a sweet backyard and has so generously vollunteered to throw the party at her house! So Chris, the boyfriend, has brewed a very special beer just to send me on my way after my last weekend in Dallas filled with friends from far and wide, family, and farew'ale!

Soon to come on the blog:
What's a girl to wear?
"Won't you miss America?"

And many many other posts!!

3 comments- my fav!:

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I'm so sad I won't be in town for your party! Boo! Keep me updated about the Sunday dinner!

Stewart said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I could be there at your going away party! Ya'll have fun. It all sounds great! Love you!

I'm with Ed said...

Ohh I wish I could be there for the going away party and going away beer....but I will be here in London waiting for you with pints full of beer!!!!

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