Hair today gone tomorrow

Happy Friday love bugs! I am a desperate need of a change. A hair change. My hair is super long as you can see from this photo I took this morning (ack! no makeup! just woke up!):
Oh, and look! You can see some of my room!

I've gone though all sorts of hair stages between a short bob to my chin all the way to this super long to my boobs look. I've also had all sorts of variations of brown dye jobs.

Chocolate brown:

(October 2008)

Sightly red:

(Spring 2007)
And now it's just this yucky boring brown, blah:

(January 2010)

So, it's time for a change. I'm not going to cut it short right now but I am going to get a new color! But what color is the big choice...

Blond like Lady Gaga?

Red like Debra Messing?

Streaked like Kate Gosslin?

Dark brown like Salma Hayak?


So many choices.... I do think that Lady Gaga hair looks good on me and I know how much all of us love Kate Gosslin's hair; but maybe I'll just stick my with favorite chocolate brown?

All of these pictures were from InStyle's Hollywood Makeover. Be careful! It's addictive!

5 comments- my fav!:

chelsea rebecca said...

oh please do a chocolate brown long bob! it would look so wonderful!!
and i am dying over all those makeover pictures. way too funny. oh gosh kate's spikey diaster. and lady gaga!!! haha.
can't wait to see what do you do! ha. i had to!

Emily said...

I like how glossy your hair is slightly red, and I'd keep your length but maybe get the ends texturized so it swings into a long bob? I've done the InStyle makeover - terrifying on my face!

Iva said...

OMG WOW!! some of these are so hilarious...although you do, do the Swedish inspired look fabulously ;) Happy Friday! have a great weekend!

I'm with Ed said...

I love the picture of your hair cut just below your jaw line (the real picture of your hair). I think you should try that this time!!!

Lesli said...

So what did you decide????

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