I just don't get it

I'll admit it, my personal style is pretty plain. In the winter you are most likely to find me in jeans, a nice t-shirt, a sweater, and sneaker or flats. And in the summer I almost always am wearing a simple sundress and Jack Rogers or Bernardos. I have my share of fancy dresses and high heels but I seem to wear them only on special occasions. 4 inch heels don't really match my lifestyle. For example, Chris and I walked around Chicago for 3 or 4 hours on Saturday exploring and doing some shopping for our trip (woo! fancy! hiking socks!).

While my own fashion is a little basic I definitely do appreciate both high fashion and trend items. If I was living in NYC doing fashion PR I would totally rock high heels. BUT there are some trends that I just don't understand right now. Maybe one of my bffs from college Stephanie at Le Sigh of a Fashionista can help me out?

WTF? Yes, I do have to admit this is from American Apparel who seems to be known for basic t-shirts and some weird random crap. But really.... who would wear this and what do you wear it to? The only possible option I see for the lace onesie is for hooking (I'm just calling it how I see it.).

(Photo from Samantha Treacy's Fall 07 Line)

I really just don't understand this trend at all. I've seen bloggers all over the place trying this out and it just doesn't work for me. Am I miss something? Is this a new Ugg-esk trend where no one really thinks it's attractive but everyone is going wear them?

I know I could be opening myself up for all kinds of internet ridicule here. But, really... someone please explain!

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Lesli said...

The lace thing looks like something JLo wore on New Year's Eve!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Lace makes me want to throw up. Seriously, I can't stand any of these looks. Those socks remind me of when I was three. Three was not a good age for me so I would prefer not to be reminder of it.

Emily said...

Maybe if I had twig legs I could consider socks with heels, but when I wear heels it's to elongate my legs, and socks would chop and make me look the opposite of long and lean. And no to the lace, wear it in the bedroom if you must, keep it off the streets.

meredith said...

i'm with you - the socks and heels does NOT work for me and quite frankly i'm only seen two people ever who can pull it off.

Laura said...

I totally have a crush on Jamie Oliver too! He is by far my favorite chef. I have many of his cook books and everytime I get a new one I read it cover to cover because I am that obsessed. But seriously, ever recipe of his I have tried is amazing.

I don't get socks with heels or lace either!

Meredith Travels said...

okay good! I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't rocking socks and high heels. I would feel so left out but I wouldn't be able to force myself into it! (I say that now but I bet in a few years we'll all be wearing heels, socks, and lace jumpsuits!)

chelsea rebecca said...

hahah i love your blog!! your 100 before 100 is so inspiring!! and yes that american apparel lace dress is trashy trash. its putting your stuff way to out there!!
p.s. that even stevens girl is gorgeous and i definitely see you looking like her!!

Alice said...

that HAS to be a bodysuit to be worn UNDER stuff. right? RIGHT? PLEASE, GOD?

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