A picture-packed post

Hello from a VERY snowy Chicago. It has been snowing for at least 9 hours here! I know it's not the snowpocalypse (I actually like snowmaggedon more) that DC is experiencing right now; but it's still a lot of snow!

(That's the lake in the background! What lake you ask? Lake Michigan!)

(And I couldn't resist taking a picture of these puppies playing in the snowy park)

Last night Chris and I took a little adventure to a Vietnamese neighborhood in Chicago (Argyle Street for those of you who live in Chicago) and had DEEEELICIOUS food!
Chris and I both ordered pho (pronounced fuh). Pho is beef soup with rice noodles, onions, and maybe some other magical tasty stuff; you can mix in lime, bean sprouts, jalapenos, and culantro (like cilantro but the leaves are longer). Chris ordered the extra large size and it was huge:

We took home a ton of leftovers! Tonight we might head out for dinner again since we don't have any groceries or maybe we will make our way the 6 blocks to the grocery store and cook.

I have exciting news! I now have almost all of the stuff I am taking on our trip. So tomorrow I am going to pack and take pictures of everything that will be going with me around the world to share with you!

And then just one beautiful picture from the weekend:

I hope you are all staying warm and dry!

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chelsea rebecca said...

oh i love that you are in chicago! my dream city! that snow is incredible! and the puppies playing in the snow!!

that bowl of pho is GINORMOUS.

p.s. have a told you how excited i am to follow your travels!? because i am!

bananas. said...

hot soup is the perfect food when it's cold outside like that.

and that giant bowl of pho looks DELISH!!!

missris said...

The snow HAS been intense...but is it sick that I want more?

Iva said...

omg I just love pho!! My husband and I love Vietnamese food!! Actually, it was a huge craving for me when I was pregnant with my son lol ;) Stay as warm as you can!!

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