Happiness in my mailbox!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Chris is away, as usual, at work Monday through Wednesday of this week and I miss him lots. He was working from home all last week and I think I got a little spoiled from being with him every day!

However, this little cutie arrived in my mailbox yesterday and brought a little piece of sunshine to my day:

I've never heard of Boden before; maybe I'm a little late on the game for this brand? Boden is evidently sold at Anthropology. I think I might be a little in love with "my" new discovery!

Here a short list of the items that I am dying for (please be aware that I LOVE surprise presents and feel free to gift accordingly!):

Favourite Crew Neck Cardig
(Perfect for dear Stephanie who once told me that she was planning on dressing in all leopard when she was in her 80's-- because come on, when you're 80 you can do whatever you want!)

Corsage Flower Necklace

I won't be buying anything since I'm leaving in just a few months with a backpack containing only the bare essentials but it was definitely fun to do some window shopping from my couch!

And lets be honest, how much cuter are the Boden models who are in natural-ish settings than the awkwardly posed models from some other catalog that rhymes with Schmay-Shrew?


7 comments- my fav!:

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

wow, desperately want that first coat! love!

chelsea rebecca said...

everything on your list i want!!!
that dress and that coat!!
oh the horror of being broke.
cardigans and sweet dresses are my fave or spring.
i try my best to stay away from browsing endlessly on sites when i can't spend money on clothes... but now i might have to have an antropologie binge... woops.

Iva said...

WOW!! I love the Scallop Trim Coat AND BOTH cardigans ;)

Laura said...

Oh I love Boden. Especially lately as J Crew has been not so great with the socks and heels and deathly thin models. There are so many things on my wish list!

bananas. said...

i'm such a leopard print whore so i am lurving that leopard cardi. too cute!

megan said...

ahhh a girl from work was wearing the prettiest coat and she said it was from boden. how cute is their stuff!

Stewart said...

Hey! I know, I randomly got one of their catalogs a couple of months ago, and Im IN LOVE!! Apparently sometimes they do shows too...I want it all! So far I've been good but I feel a slip coming! They have a bag that I SO want for my birthday...and I've definitely been dropping hints! LOL! Love you!

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