My Grandmother is wittier than your Grandmother

There were a lot of reasons that I choose SMU for my college career but one of the main reasons was I have family history in Dallas. My parents were born and raised in Dallas, my Dad got his MBA from SMU, I was born in Dallas, and most of my extended family still lives in Dallas. I wanted to get away from North Carolina which felt suffocatingly small and to move far far away.

BUT then at the same time I was kind of a wuss and moved to a city where my Grandmother lived only 15 minutes away from my dorm. I loved living in the same city as my Grandmother, I saw her at least every two weeks for a meal, or a movie, or to take a walk. My Grandmother is 72 and still works, she does the New York Times crossword puzzle every day and even finishes the incredibly hard Sunday editions in pen! Not only is she super smart but she's hilarious.

This email chain between the two of us made me laugh out loud:

From: "My Witty Grandmother" wittygm{at}
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 10:21:57 -0600
Subject: RE: Hello!

Ha, ha. I heard your voicemail at home and I called you back and left a message! How long can this go on?

We have 4 inches of snow on the ground.

I’ll call you later today.

Love you!

Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 10:53:12 -0600
To: "My Witty Grandmother" wittygm{at}
Subject: RE: Hello!

4 INCHES IN DALLAS? And you're at the office? How did you get there? Sled?

From: "My Witty Grandmother" wittygm{at}
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 12:23:34 -0600
Subject: RE: Hello!

Yes. My neighbor’s bichon frise pulled. She was heroic.

5 comments- my fav!:

meredith said...

your grandma and my grandma could totally be friends! my grandma just turned 70 and she is wittier and sharper than ever. i started trying to call her "old" since she turned 70, but she's seriously still so quick and cunning with words.

missris said...

Heh that's hilarious! I'm surprised that 4 inches didn't close Dallas down.

chelsea rebecca said...

grandmas are the absolute best!
and yours sounds so adorable! is it strange that i would love to spend my days with my grandma and all her friends. i'm an old soul! haha.
i love that she is still working and doing the times crossword puzzle!!

Mojito Maven said...

I wish I had a closer relationship with my grandmother. Luckily I do have Mr. M's grandmother who is AWESOME!!

P.S. Tell Chris anytime he would like to buy you some bling I am always available :)

Iva said...

grandmas rock!! I wish mine was still around!

Happy Friday and Happy Vday ;) Have a great weekend!!

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