Back in the saddle

Hello love bugs.

I'm back. Sorry for the absence lately. I've been in kind of a blogging funk and just couldn't become inspired to write and then I hadn't written anything and so it became even more cumbersome to write because I felt like "ACK now I must write something truly witty and entertaining to make up for not writing at all." Little did I know that the kick in the butt to start writing again would come from the IRS (not that this post will be witty or even slightly entertaining)(that comment was witty, right?).

Yes, you read that right, the IRS.

When we came home from lunch on Saturday Chris and I checked the mail and a had a letter from the IRS. My first thoughts were of panic. Serious panic. Why would the IRS be sending me a letter? Had I not paid something? It wasn't even March yet, tax aren't due for months. Oh God am I going to be audited? I don't even really know what that means!

And honestly, Chris was no help; I asked him if he had ever gotten a letter from the IRS and his exact words were "uh no. Why? Did you get one?" with a less than comforting tone of voice.

Being the incredibly brave girl (or am I technically a woman now at 24?) that I am I ripped the envelope open to find this message:

We're Sending you a Replacement Check
Our records show that you didn't cash you original refund check for tax year 2007. The original refund check was for $119.00.

WOOOHHOOOOO! I know it's only $119 but I'm still stoked! Seeing as I don't have a job right now this little surprise from my senior year of college will help to pay some bills! I mean, really this is basically free money! Oh but I do wish that I could go buy something pretty; maybe I'll take a little browse across the internet and just pretend to buy things?

I hope the IRS treats all of you so well this year! What would you do with an unexpected $119?

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missris said...

Oh wow that's pretty much amazing. I'd probably spend it on something responsible like a student loan payment. Or I'd save it!

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