Identity Crisis

When I told you a few days ago that I took a break from blogging because I was uninspired it wasn't the complete truth. I have also been struggling with the tone and subject matter of my little blog. When I started the blog it was about traveling through Europe for 4 months. I am now between trips and some how my blog has turned into a lifestyle blog. Except I'm not doing anything especially interesting with my life now: I don't have a job, I'm living in an apartment that is not mine that is already furnished, and I am not spending any money on clothes. I just feel as if my life is boring and therefore I have nothing interesting to say.

The other issue is that the tone of this blog has felt a little bit like a letter I would write to my high school magazine-- always chipper, polite, and a little flat. I'm not like this in real life. I'm not always so pleasant. I curse, a lot. I make jokes. I say snarky and bitchy remarks. I love gossip. I complain. I don't always use sentences with correct punctuation.

Basically, the blog as of late hasn't really been feeling exactly like ME. It feels like me at a really long extended job interview. Maybe that's for the best since this is out to the public and I make my identity fairly known? I don't have any answers for now but I am going to try to start being more me from now on.

Get excited-- I'm pretty fabulous.

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megan said...

i'm in the same boat and i'm always a little amazed when i check my counter and see that more than 2 people are still following along with me. i think it's the same reason why we watch tv shows about people who aren't real or who we don't know.. you just kind of get invested in them, even if they aren't doing anything.
the kissing posts were hilarious though. i like your writing style.

chelsea rebecca said...

Meredith! i adore your honesty. and i know what you are talking about. for some reason there is pressure. and i just tell myself i write my blog for me and i can't write a post for anyone else and i can't be pressured into being one way! i am some excited with your fabulous self!!!! i can hardly wait!

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