Tomorrow is Friday, right?

I am so excited for this weekend! I can barely keep it all in!

I'm headed to Chapel Hill, NC to visit friends from high school, drink beers at Top 'O, and eat late night burritos at Cosmic Cantina.

All while wearing this amazing new shirt my mom treated me to this weekend!
(why yes, my thighs do indeed look just like that.)

I know it's only Tuesday but I want the weekend here NOW!

3 comments- my fav!:

chelsea rebecca said...

haha your why yes my things look like that cracked me up! i'm sure that dress would look fabulous on you!
only 3 more days! huurah!

meredith said...

i feel like i wake up everyday wishing it were friday!!! super cute shirt/dress!

missris said...

I thought it was Saturday for a moment when I woke up. I was very disappointed to realize it was only Wednesday. The weekend will get here soon enough!

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