The key to world peace: TexMex

As seniors in high school my best friends and I had a weekly tradition. Each Thursdays we would go to La Carreta for lunch. We would sit in the same booth and order the exact same thing every time. Until he got deported (true story) our usual waiter, Miguel Lopez, always brought us one order of "cheese dip". My dear friends from Texas might be asking "¿Que es 'cheese dip'?"

Well senoritas, cheese dip is the northern cousin of queso. While queso was brought across the Rio Grande by a coyote and fought a pack of wild rats to live a better life in those apartments behind Sam's on Park Lane and Greenville Avenue. Cheese dip lives in suburbs (perhaps Southlake) in a really nice subdivision and call itself "Latino"because once they visited their grandmother who lives in San Antonio.

(ugh. must I be such a do-gooder* and always credit the source?)

Cheese dip is white and gooey and sometimes there will be one jalapeno floating on the top.

It is no Bob Armstrong. It's not even velveta melted with rotel. Not even if you drink a pitcher of margaritas and squint your eyes.

When I saw my loves in Vegas we dove into a Tex-Mex dinner and it was AMMMAZING.

But shockingly we didn't order queso or even cheese dip! What has happened to us? Have we gotten so old that we actually choose not to order 2000 calories of liquid goodness?

But don't worry. I'm going back to Dallas in 2 weeks and you can be sure that I'll be hitting up Chuy's happy hour with unlimited queso. mhhhhh.

* My sorority's moto is "Do Good"- while grammatically incorrect I am forever stuck with this do-gooder burden.

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chelsea rebecca said...

i'm drooling. CHEESE!!!!
i loved your thursday night tradition!
and what sorority are you in?

megan said...

i guess i'm turning into a serial commenter but i can't help it.
we juuust went to a "mexican" restaurant in dupont the other night and they had cheese dip. we threw in some salsa, leftover guacamole & salt and it was delicious though. silly east coast.

I'm with Ed said...

Yay for queso at Chuy's!!! Can't wait lady!

Melanie and Matt said...

As a former member of the Thursday Cheese Dip club, this post brought tears to my eyes (mostly from thinking about poor deported Miguel and all the free cheese dip we missed out on once he left).

We could start a blog just for all our highschool memories that live in our hears... okay, mostly in yours because i forget and then you remind me.

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