She want that lovey dovey (lovey dovey) that kiss kiss (kiss kiss)

So, to continue on in this random blabbering about google's answer to "how to be a good kisser" I took a small quiz-- omg is was so effing long, like 29 questions-- to determine my skilz (yea, that's right- skilz- not skills). Besides taking foooorever to compete the questions were totally jacked up. I've been making out consistently for over a decade (slut) and couldn't help but laugh at these questions because for the love of fancy cheeses who is going to choose "going for gusto"?!

(please note the really worrisome add underneath for teenage depression)

And now for the big reveal. Despite the absurdity of some of the answers I tired to answer as honestly as possible with a real effort and hopes that I could get an official certificate declaring my kissing to be badass (or is it bad ass). Here was my score:
WHAT THE EF? An 81? That's a B-! B minus? Or at my ridiculous high school that was on a 7 point scale that would have been a solid C! I have to be a better kisser than that! My ten years of dedicated practice making out have been for NOTHING.

It's not that I was even mad; I was just disappointed in myself...

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chelsea rebecca said...

HAHA, oh goodness. i mean what kind of scoring do they do here!? and who comes up with this.. CRAZINESS. don't be disappointed in yourself! just as the bf to judge you! hah!

Melanie and Matt said...

Meredith, I witnessed your first kiss. Given the guy, location and the fact that you were taller than him, that must have deducted points off your total score. No worries, cumulative scores based on 10 years of kissing don't account for incremental improvements in technique, choice of locations and choice of kissing partner.

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