Travel Lessons: Laundry

During my three months backpacking in Europe laundering facilities were hard to come by. They were expensive. And when you only have two pairs of pants with you and 6 shirts it's annoying to pay for an entire washer and dryer.

After a while I became a little creative:

(Nice, France)
In a French hotel? Use a bidet to soak your clothes!

(Riomaggiore, Italy)
Let them soak in a nice bubble bath!

(Riomaggiore, Italy)
Stir them around to get them nice and clean!

(Paris, France)
If you are stuck in a hostel where the windows don't open, try to find a space to hang a clothes line inside. This one is draped across the end of my hostel bed. I slept with the clothes hanging over me all night.

(Riomaggiore, Italy)
Hopefully you have enough clothes pins!

(Manarola, Italy-- and NOT my undies!)
Be shameless! Let it all hang out!

3 comments- my fav!:

Rae said...

hahahaha i love this!! Sooo creative.. but a girls gotta go what a girls gotta do! A group of us had to come up with our own creative ways of washing our clothes when we went to brazil.
funnn times!!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Wow! This is so intense. Way to be creative.

Grace said...

Haha, fun ideas; although I could never have the nerve to soak my clothes in a bidet!

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