Birthday in T-minus 35 days

My birthday is in 35 days. One month and 5 days. While I'm not getting ready to celebrate or even declare it as my birthday month I am starting to brew some ideas for presents. I like to think about my wish list for a while so that when the time comes I will have really thought out my options and not ask for something on a whim.

Chris is surprising me with a little mini-vacay the weekend of my birthday. He's planning a trip to some unknown local! He's going to try and keep our destination a secret for as long as possible. But, I think he will have to give it up once we get to the airport.

Since Chris is taking me on a trip the only presents I will be receiving are from my parents. Here are some of my ideas:

A copy of Swallow Magazine (which, yuck, totally sounds like a porn but is actually a foodie mag)

Bon Appitie
describes Swallow Magazine as unlike any other food magazine. "Distributed biannually, each issue focuses on a different region of the world. One part service journalism, one part ethnography of culinary cultures, and one part art project, Swallow reads as intimately as a backpacker's diary but thrives on experimental aesthetics. Each issue features lush and often bizarre food photography and stories. The graphic depictions of some food prep techniques--like hunting, butchering, and cooking marmots with Mongolian huntsmen--might cause you to squirm. (Or maybe they'll cause you to buy a plane ticket and get the experience firsthand.)"
A new point and shoot camera-- Olympus Stylus
My sweet little pink nikon was broken a year and a half ago during a camping mishap. It would cost more to fix than just to get a new camera (so much for being green). Since I am really hard on cameras I am desperately wanting the Olympus Stylus. It's crush-proof, water-proof, freezer-proof (does anyone REALLY need this?), and shock-proof. The big question is if it is Meredith-proof. I have a larger camera but I this would be perfect to throw in a pocket or take to (or into!) the ocean.

And really that's is. Only two items? And one is only $25; this list is so boring! Help! What amazing items am I missing? Maybe an iPad? Cash? Clothes?

What should I add to my list?

3 comments- my fav!:

Stephanie said...

Happy happy early birthday, love! Are there any fancy cooking supplies you know, for when you are accepted to cooking school!

megan said...

the only thing on my list this year is backpacking stuff.. but if i was a real girl i would wish for anything from here:

Jess said...

I'm putting together a list like that as we speak haha but it is a lot longer than yours. I will post it on my blog over the next couple of days.

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