Choices. Choices. Choices.

I'm a lucky duck and CSN asked me to do a review of one of their fabulous products. If you don't know CSN is a great place to do some online shopping. They have everything! Dining room furniture! Shoes! Rugs! Everything! With about two thousand choices I'm a little stuck!

Right now I'm in a holding pattern. We're waiting to leave on our trip (details to come!), living in a temporary place and know that our stuff has to go into storage soon. So, I want to choose something that we will use now and when we return. I don't any decor items since I'm not sure of the space we are moving into.

Maybe a cute laptop case?

product image
Maybe a few Le Crueset items to add to my small collection?

product image

Maybe a suitcase?
product image

Some fancy new kitchen gadget?
product image
(So fancy! A crock pot!)

Maybe something entirely different? What would you choose to review?

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Melanie said...

Either suitcase or kitchen choice, really cool kitchen gadget. Here is my rationale..
1) laptop case - not much to say for a review
2) Le Creuset - same as above because we know those things are great
3) suitcase- very practical for your travels and you can see if it withstands.... but you have your travel stuff already
4) Kitchen gadget = more recipes and will always fit into a new decor. Do they have teh NUWAVE OVEN? I want that.

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