Fashion Emergency!

I'm sure you're all wondering when exactly Chris and I are leaving to travel. It's a long story that deserves a blog post on it own. I've been procrastinating writing about it.

But to make it really short, there's been a delay and we won't be leaving until January at the earliest. That means I need to figure out a better life plan for right now. I've been applying to cooking schools and had an interview at Kendall College in Chicago yesterday.

I think the way you dress for interviews, appointments, and first dates is really important. A lot is inferred by the way you dress. That said, dressing for my interview was a bit of a challenge. I wanted an outfit that said "I'm a creative young professional who would be an asset to your program. While I take things seriously, I also have a lighter and more artistic side." (read that statement in your best interview voice!)

I was getting dressed and the first outfit I choose just wasn't right. It was just a little too yatch club for the interview. At this point I sent an emergency email to Stephanie from Le Sigh of Fashionista:

from: Meredith
to: Stephanie
date: Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 12:23 PM
subject: fashion EMERGENCY

I'm going to an interview to be accepted into cooking school.

Which is better:

1. White Trousers with Blazer


2. Dress

Stephanie, being the amazing friend she is, replied literally in the SAME MINUTE! She said dress, and since I always trust her fashion opinion I went with the dress.

Here's how it turned out:

Here's the first outfit:

I LOVE this blazer. It looks amazing on and has awesome sleeve lining if you want to cuff it or scrunch it.

Which would you have chosen for a culinary school interview?

6 comments- my fav!:

Claire said...

love both outfits, but REALLY love that dress. Great choice!

Two Pitties in the City said...

The dress is really cute. I think it's funny there are so many people that try a traditional dark suit as a go-to; just this morning this guy was interviewing at the gym wearing a suit. I figure if you will never wear it for the job, you shouldn't wear it for the interview.

Travel Marketer said...

I like both, you look great!

missris said...

LOVE the dress! I think for a more creative field (where you probably wouldn't wear a suit to work on a regular basis) that a slightly different interview outfit can help you stand out!

Stephanie said...

I still stand by my choice, you looked fabulous!!

I'm with Ed said...

I love the blazer! But I agree with Stephanie, the dress is the better option, but I am also super biased towards dresses.....

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