Caution: FRAGILE

Friday night a little something terrible happened to me. Don't worry, it was just a little baby terrible. I tripped on myself and took a header into a fence.

I got 4 stitches and now have an awesome Harry Potter lightning bolt across my forehead. This year's Halloween costume? Done and done!

(The most awesomest hottest sexiest picture of all time.
It's going into Hustler next month for sures.)

I'm worried about the possibility of scarring. Since the accident I've been thinking about vanity a lot. Most days I don't wear anything more than mascara. If I'm going out for a nice dinner or just want to feel extra pretty I'll really do my makeup, but that only happens 4 or 5 times a month. I've always been comfortable with who I am. But now that my face is significantly swollen and there is a noticeable mark I feel a lot less secure about my looks.

I'm going to a plastic surgeon tomorrow to talk to him about reducing the possibility of a scar. I never would have gone to a plastic surgeon for my face normally.

This fall has made me question just how much I value my face. Which, evidently, is a lot.

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Peachy Keen said...

Oh goodness! Feel better!

Don't fret the's entirely understandable and not all outrageous! My sister feel onto a nail (not exactly but that's the outcome, a nail to the forehead) when she was little and the doc's really stressed vitamin E oil several times a day. Today she has "dent" but no discoloration so it's hardly noticeable. Best of luck!

Mojito Maven said...

holy shit dude. OUCH. I'm glad you're okay!

And I would totally be hitting up a plastic surgeon too. Nothing vain about that.

Stephanie said...

OMG, MER! Are you ok?!?!

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