Now that you're gone sweetie...

Chris usually travels 2 or 3 weeks a month for work. That leaves me all by my lonesome to do whatever I want in Chicago.

When we lived in Dallas I just counted Chris' work weeks as extended time with my girls. Now that that we're in Chicago and I don't the same extended group of friends I end up hanging out by myself on weekend nights fairly often. And right now we don't have cable in our apartment so I can't even throw myself into Real Housewives or HGTV

So, what do I do by myself when I'm all alone? What are things I can't do when my dear sweet boyfriend is home?

- Instead of cooking real meals I make whatever is easiest and most readily available. Wheat Thins with cream cheese and tomatoes? Yes please!

- I play countless games of "scrabble" on the internet.

- I watch whatever chick flicks I want. I definitely take advantage of our Netflix membership when Chris is gone. (Speaking of, any good suggestions for girly movies?)

- I spend tons of time in front of the mirror checking out possible blackheads, stray eyebrow hairs, and wondering I will look like in 20 years.

- I work out and watch hours of bad reality tv at the gym. Honestly, most of the time I work out just so I can watch tv.

What do you do when no one else is home?

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missris said...

Oh I do lots of silly things when the boy isn't around! Sit around in my ugliest/comfiest pj's and old t-shirts (there's no one around to care what I look like for!), try on new outfits and spend hours getting re-acquainted with my closet, paint and un-paint my fingernails and toenails, organize my bookshelves according to color...I could go on and on!

S@sha said...

Similar-- watch stupid chick flicks, eat junk food-- or go the opposite route and make some fancy elaborate dinner with no time constraints, soak in the tub, etc.

I read an entertaining book recently called "What We Eat When We Eat Alone," by Deborah Madison and her Husband Patrick McFarlin. You'd probably like it if you haven't read it already.

Also, chick flick recommendations-- Monsoon Wedding and Timer-- both available on Netflix instant. There are HGTV type shows on Hulu, and some bad reality.

maggie said...

ohhh mer, have you seen priceless yet? so so good.. and instant on netflicks!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Just found your blog, and I can definitely relate! My guy is gone right now, and my friends are mostly in AZ (we live in Ohio)... I don't know how you're surviving with out cable!! ...but I have never tried online scrabble, thanks for the idea :)

I'm with Ed said...

When I'm alone and bored I usually drink massive amounts of alcohol and watch sad movies so I can get a good cry out....that's my best recommendation....

bananas. said...

wheat thins and cream cheese was my meal of choice in college. sooooo good! never thought to add tomatoes. yummers!

when i'm home alone, i look in the mirror and spend HOURS plucking every stray hair possible. people always ask me if i get my brows wax. i don't. i just have time to kill when i'm solo.

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