The Chronicles of M-- 90210

M is one of my best friends in the entire world. I've known her for 12 years now. We weren't always close. In fact, we hated each other. If you asked her she would tell you that I was an evil bitch to her for a few years in high school.

While I love her with all of my heart now, I do have a large catalog of embarrassing stories about her. And like any good best friend and bridesmaid, I'm going to share them with the internet.


I first met M when she transfered mid-year into my 8th grade class. Her family had just moved from Australia and M was something of a oddity.

Was she from Australia? No, she's actually from Canada.
Did she have a pet kangaroo? No, she's lame.

After a sleep-over, Jessica M eagerly reported that M had a trampoline and a large collection of perfume bottles. As you can imagine, this only made me more curious about M. We were in the same group of friends for the remainder of the spring semester. That fall we both went to the same small all-girls high school, Salem Academy.

We had no sort of dress code at Salem. I usually wore soffe shorts (which I rolled twice making them obscenely short), a souvenir t-shirt, and plastic flip flops from Old Navy. About 10 times a year I would put on a dress and some makeup, but it was rare for me to look presentable.

(This was me, except I'm taller and have brown hair-- which was always in a ponytail with at least 3 pens and pencils stuck in it)

Not everyone at Salem looked like a slob. Best friend D would actually wake up in the mornings, take a shower, eat breakfast, apply makeup, and get dressed (for the first two years of school she wore a sweater set almost every day. D had the largest collection of sweater sets I've ever seen!). M and I usually both rolled out of bed, threw on the closest items of clothing and speed to school.

One day, sophomore year M arrived to school a little late. I will never forget the moment she arrived in the student lounge. She was wearing a denim skirt.

A Denim skirt? What's so memorable about a denim skirt?

It was an acid washed, pencil skirt with the 90210 logo stamped on the left thigh.


I almost died when I saw this skirt. And this was 2000! I know (because of wikipedia) Beverly Hills 90210 ended in 2000. But was anyone still watching? Much less buying acid washed denim skirts?

On Tuesday I received this email from M:

"What does this remind you of?"

M creepy stalked this woman on the streets of NYC and took her picture with an iphone and sent it to me (see why I love her?).

This is only the beginning of the great stories I have about M-- I didn't even tell you about the time she wore head to toe khaki....

(Sadly, M's mother gave the skirt to goodwill a few years later. If anyone can find a picture of this skirt I will send them an amazing present! I've been searching for YEARS.)

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