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Hello Sunshines!

I hope you are all having wonderful days! I've gone an entire week with working out every day! I know I'm tooting my own horn here but I'm really excited! I don't think I've gone 7 straight day with working out since.... ever. Tonight I'm headed to a tennis class/lesson/thing and I'm really excited to make it 8 days!!

And mostly, I've been eating fairly well. Last night I slipped up after the gym and at 2 bowls of black beans and rice. It was literally the only food in the house and I was hunnnngry. And let's not even talk about Saturday night when I ate not one but TWO hot dogs for dinner. BARF. I don't even really like hotdogs.

Now on to the pictures! Here's my all time favorite picnic lunch with my all time favorite frisbee partner and boyfriend:
We call it Mediterranean Dinner no matter what time of day or where we are eating it. It's a delicious combo of whole wheat pita; homemade hummus; roasted squash, zucchini, and tomatoes; olives; and feta!

Don't forget-- Mother's Day is this weekend. Make a call, a card, and an effort; Momma's need some love too! I got a pressy for my mom from Blu at her Etsy store. Chris and I are heading to North Carolina this weekend to hang out with my mom and I'm hoping that the Dogwoods are still blooming. It's maybe a pipe dream but a girl can hope right?

Have a wonderful day filled with phone calls to best friends (this means you D, C, M I'm calling all you girls tonight!), free ice cream from Ben and Jerry's, and beautiful weather!

High fives Top Gun style,

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bananas. said...

mmmmm...that sandwich is totally my style. i love mediterranean style food, fresh veggies and pita. yum yum.

Cat said...

Yumm...that Mediterranean dinner looks unbelievably delish! Good for you for sticking with your workouts, I will bet you feel great (and am most certain that your body will forgive you for the extra beans and hot dog :)).

Hope your mum enjoys her necklace :)

xo Cat

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