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Remember when I was having a hard time loading pictures this weekend? Well.... I tried it again and it just magically started working! I literally did the exact same thing today as I did on Monday but with totally different results.

"Insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

But in yo face. I totally did the same thing over and over again and got different results.

I wore one of my favorite pairs of flats to the airport and they made me happy while we had to wait for our flight that was delayed for 3 hours.
(Wearing pants at the airport made me happy too....)

We we finally landed at the airport at 12:30 we still had to pick up our luggage, get our rental car, and drive an hour and a half home. So a trip to the most delicious late night fast food place EVER was desperately needed. Cook Out is ammmazzzing. Especially when you are arriving at home at 3 am.

Seriously, if you are ever randomly find yourself in North Carolina late at night and are hungry you must track down a Cook Out and check out the huge (and unhealthy) menu. The entire right side (partially hidden by the car) is milk shake flavors.

(I would like to suggest the chopped pork barbecue sami topped with ketchup and hot sauce)

To combat the high calorie unhealthy eating we did late night we played tennis both Saturday, Sunday, and I played Monday too.

(that's my Mom hamming it up for the camera)

Saturday night my Mom, Chris and I went to a minor league baseball game. The hometeam won with 16 runs to 13. We drank beers, sang take me out to the ball game, took a 7th inning strech and had a great time.

While this is a pretty terrible photo of me, I wanted to show you Chris. I would say that about half of all of the photos we have together he is making some sort of ridiculous face (this time completely out of focus). Maybe I should make a giant collage of the many faces of my darling boyfriend?
(This one says to me: "Come here often pretty lady?")

On Sunday Chris and I made a delicious Mother's Day lunch of raw oysters, little salads and two kinds of homemade ceviche: salmon, tomato, mango, and avocado ceviche, and ceviche with tuna, cucumbers, wasabi, and more avocado!

(I'll have to post the recipe another day!)

We're back in Chicago now (after yet another delayed flight last night!) and are excited for a relaxing weekend together.

Only 1 day until the weekend! Any big plans?


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chelsea rebecca said...

LOVE your shoes!
how cute are they!??

i love late night unhealthy dinners!! hah. so great. i mean its why taco bell is still in business!

such fun adventures!!

Kristin said...

That Mom's Day spread looks insanely good!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Cute shoes, cutie pie!!

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