ants in ma pants

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It's FRIIIIIDAAAAYYYY! Imagine that I'm Oprah and now re-read that- because I totally wrote it using my Oprah voice. No one else know what I'm talking about. Okay. Good.

Anyhow. It's FRIIIIIIIDAAAAYYY! I am so excited for the weekend because that means it's only one more week until my sweet boyfriend and I take our passports and our backpacks to HONDURAS!

This weekend we're headed to Oklahoma to see Chris' littlest brother graduate from high school, celebrate mother's day with Chris' mom, and eat little hot dogs from Coney Islander. Don't worry. I'll be taking lots of pictures to share with you!

I hope each of you have a spectacularly sparkly weekend!


**picture from here and ermm I got not fancy linky for the comic.

3 comments- my fav!:

missris said...

Dude, Honduras? I'm so jealous. Also yes, I totally do the Oprah voice sometimes. I can just hear her in my head accompanying me.

chelsea rebecca said...

that comic is too funny!
you guys are always travelling!!!
hope you have fun!!

Jane said...

Coney Islander must mean you are in Tulsa ... Did you know they give you a hot dog for your dog when you go thru the drive thru by the movie theater?

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