Lifetime List:41-50

This is kind of hard y'all!

I don't want to put something on the list that I could just easily do like "write a letter to my congressman" I could do that right now. I just never have, but I totally could do it right now. Or since we've lived in Chicago I've been wanting to go see a taping of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Should that be on my life list simply because I haven't gotten my crap together to buy tickets? I'm not sure that it's worthy!

I have been deciding what goes on my life list by choosing things that I want to do that are semi-feasible but still super challenging.

With that said here are my next thing things to-do before I'm 100!

41. Live in a foreign country
42. Play tennis at a 4.0 level (right now I'm a measly 2.75)
43. Learn the names of the constellations
44. Beat my Mom at Scrabble (never. going. to happen.)
45. Start a compost pile
46. Buy a gorgeous piece of stained glass
47. Learn how to be a good haggler
48. Wear a two-piece with ease again
49. Be an extra in a movie
50. Learn how to play chess

Now I have to go to the gym. BOO. Maybe since I am one fourth of the way there I should cheat and go ahead and put work out for 30 consecutive day on my life list?

Think I'll ever really like going to the gym? I don't mind it once I'm there but the process of going is sooooooooooo painful!

Maybe I'll put on my swimsuit... that will be motivation!

2 comments- my fav!:

missris said...

Wait wait has a FREE outdoor taping at Pritzer Pavilion in the summer. Last year it was in June so it might be coming up! Also, I will never beat my mom at Scrabble. Just, never. I feel ya on that one. Ooh and if you want to compost but are constrained by apartment living, you could get a worm bin! I'm trying to convince my boyfriend we should get one. I have yet to be successful.

chelsea rebecca said...

i always want to write a list but its kind of daunting to sit down and do it.. i like that you do it in little bits!!!
learning to play chess.. SO GOOD!!!! its so darn hard!

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