Hair Crisis 2010-- RESOLVED

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Way back in February I was having a bit of a hair crisis. Darker? Lighter? Short? Long? And omg WHY do I have the driest most tangle-able hair EVER? I discussed it here and then left you guys without an update leaving you to think I was running around Chicago looking like one hot tangled un-blowdryed mess.

(AHHhh! Someone get me some makeup a hair straightener!)

But then like a week after this picture was taken I got new hair. Wooohoo!
(bahhh ha ha. I kind of wish this was my hair!)

(Here I really am!)

It's grown out some and lightened up a bit. Some maybe it's time to get another round of color.

Living in a city that is notoriously dry in the winters definitely wrecked shop on my long hair. Combine the lack of humidity with crazy wind and constant scarf wearing and I was worried that I was going to have to go back to a bob simply because I couldn't handle the constant tangles. But both the colorist and the cutter (stylist? what is this word?) recommended Moroccan Oil which has been a hair saver!

(Moroccan Oil- The oil is made out of fresh squeezed Moroccans)

It's a little pricey at $39 for 1.7 ounces but it lasts forever. I've used the recommended pea sized amount almost every day since February and am only one third of the way through the bottle.

Seriously, if you have dry or easily breakable hair this stuff is amazing!

One day until the weekend! We can make it!


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maggie said...

ah we have the same hair! i chopped off a foot of mine in november because i couldn't handle the tangles! haha I'm going to have to try this Moroccan oil stuff!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh so gorg!!!

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