Fall Feeling

I think it's finally here! I've been waiting for so long!

The weather is perfect: a crisp 56 degree, sunny, and clear.  I can't wait to pull on a pair of boots, jeans, and a sweater and enjoy the Halloween weekend.

We'll be making Halloween shaped treats, handing out candy, and watching a spooky Halloween movie marathon!

And the weather came at the perfect time.  This week I made a fall wreath for our front door. And y'all, the only supplies were 3 hot glue sticks and a roll of discounted ribbon! That's a grand total cost of ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends filled with lots of treats!

2 comments- my fav!:

Stephanie said...

You are like freakin' Martha. Seriously? Is there anything you can't do? I hate you.

Kalee said...

This looks so pretty!

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