Culinary School Uniform

Johnson & Wales has a strict dress policy.  If you aren't perfectly pressed or have a stain the Chef has the right to send you out of class for the day (and it does happen!).

Everyday I have to wear a clean and freshly pressed chef's coat. My "neck-kerchief" is dark blue meaning that I am a first year culinary student.

I always have a thermometer, sharpie, and pen in my pocket.

My hair is pulled back into a hat.

And my very hideous shoes that need to be shined.

The uniform is super comfy; almost like wearing jammies.  But it definitely isn't the most figure flattering outfit!  On the weekends when I put on jeans, do my hair, and put on some makeup I feel as if I've totally forgotten what I look like!

I don't have class tomorrow and I am so excited to spend a 3 day weekend out of uniform!

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Maggie said...

HOT stuff! hee hee. Perhaps not, but so cool anyway!

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