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Hello lovies,

I'm sorry that I've been so terribly terrible on the blogging front lately.  Our furniture arrived today from Dallas, I'm writing papers and studying for an exam.  I promise I'll update you on my life as soon as it slows down a little!

Right now at school I am in a class about the front of the house (the service aspect of a restaurant).  We are learning practical and theoretical information about restaurant service management. I've never waited tables before and each day in class we serve an entire meal.  I carry a big heavy tray every day!

Here's today's (delicious!!) menu:

Spain and Portugal

“Prior to ordering, please inform the server if you have a food allergy”

1st Course

Chilled vegetable purée
(Tomato, cucumbers, peppers, onions)

Catalan-Style Vegetable Soup
Catalan-style vegetable soup with saffron, rice and spicy chorizo sausage
(Tomato, onion, garlic, turnips and celery)

A selection of traditional tapas

Portuguese Salad
Fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onions, tossed with a sherry-garlic vinaigrette

2nd Course

Paella Valenciana (“Pah-ay΄-ah Vah-lehn΄-see ah΄-nah”)
Classic Spanish rice casserole with seafood (shrimp, lobster and clams),  chorizo sausage and chicken, scented with saffron and paprika

Cataplana (“Cah´-tah-plah´-nah”)
Spicy Portuguese dish of littleneck clams, cubed pork loin and potatoes, stewed together with white wine, garlic, and Piri Piri, a fiery condiment of peppers, vinegar and lemon zest

Braised Rabbit with Nuts
Braised rabbit with almonds, pine nuts and with a savory wine sauce

Veal with Sherry
Veal cutlets pounded thin, sautéed and nappéd with a sherry veal demi-glace garnished with smoked ham, olives and mushrooms

“Consuming raw or undercooked meats or seafood may be hazardous to your health”

(If you want any of these recipes I can email them to you! Just let me know hellodallasgoodbyeworld{at}

Have y'all ever waited tables?

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