a regular day at culinary school

Culinary school is exhausting.  I love it and am learning so much but I am tired. Bone tired.

This is the way my day goes Monday through Thursday:

5:30- Alarm goes off
5:45- Drag myself out of bed and directly to coffee maker for my first cup of the day
6:20- Leave for school with yet another cup of coffee in hand
7:00- Class starts on the dot.  We're expected to be ready for lecture and discussion immediately.  Drink 3rd and last cup of coffee during lecture.
8:00- The cooking madness begins!
11:30- Lunch service! My class of 20 makes enough food to feed ourselves and another class. 
12:00- Clean up and review of day's lecture and how the meal went.
1:00- Class dismissed

On Tuesdays I have an additional class about sanitation and food safety management from 1:45 to 3:45. And typically on Fridays we have the day off! Woohoo! 

Getting up at 5:30 is a killer.  I am the furthest away from a morning person that anyone can be.  This morning I was so tired I almost cried over a little frustration on the way to school. 

But, it's worth it.  I have one year in culinary school.  One year to bust ass, one year to learn as much as I can, one year to make it so I can graduate with a perfect 4.0, and if it means getting up at 5:30 every morning and pretending to be a morning person then I'll be there, with my coffee cup of course. 

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