Free Puppies!

The last week of so my blog email inbox has been receiving a lot more spam than normal.

I have gotten two emails saying:

dateWed, Oct 20, 2010 at 6:39 AM
subjectfree puppies for adoption

Hello, i have a beautiful puppy for free adoption............. 
And 5 emails saying:
Hello, i am albert by name and i have some money i want to receive from my father, and he ask me to get a chase account or a royal bank of canada account, so that he can transfer a sum of $5,000 into the account asap, kindly get back to me if you can help me, and %20 will be taking away by you.....looking forward to read from you soonest. 
The puppies I could maybe fall for. But the money exchange? Please.

And, y'all who's selling my email address? Is it you? Sad face friends, sad face indeed.

2 comments- my fav!:

Claire said...

If we had gone through with our plan from awhile ago, I would say "wow, karma is a bitch." But in this case, I just don't know! Thank goodness we didn't!

Peachy Keen said...

Free puppies? Really?! Haha that's funny.

I'm often curious as to exactly how my email address gets out there too

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