10 things that make me a nerd

Happy Wednesday little monkeys! Deep down I'm a big nerd. But luckily as I gotten older I've realized that this is me, I like it, and I'll embrace it.

1. I love NPR. I seriously have it playing in the back ground all the time-- in the car, while I cook, while doing house work, and yes, while writing blog posts.  It's one of my super nerd habits and there has definitely been a time or two that I've pulled a Michael Bolton from Office Space when I roll up to an intersection with NPR rolling...

2. I am neurotic about my email in box.  It stresses me out if there are more than 20 emails in my inbox.  They must all be sorted into individual folders. They CANNOT just sit there. And I save almost all emails from friends and family-- I can go back into the archives and dig out emails from years ago!

3. I haven't had cable television for over 3 years.  I got rid of it senior year (2007) of college to help me study and have never gotten it back.  I watch some shows online but I have a tendency to get sucked into watching crappy tv for hours so it's better if I don't have it at my fingertips.

4. I love books. I could easily become a book hoarder.  I just don't want to ever give them away and I could spend thousands at the book store.

5. I all filled with random and weird facts.  Did you know that the majority of ants are female? Or did you know that in many countries the PC game mind-sweeper is daisy-sweeper; as mines can be a bit culturally insensitive in place where there has been a history of land mine usage.

6.  I never know the lyrics to songs.  I'm just terrible at it.  Maybe it's because I'm always listening to NPR? But I really think I'm just unable to retain music lyrics. I usually know about 8 words of every song and then will just mumble the rest.  However, I do know almost every word to Don't Stop Believing.

7. Sometimes in the shower I give myself a shampoo mohawk and a Santa beard.

(picture stolen from here)

8. When I don't blog regularly I get worried that people are mad at me and think I'm a bad internet friend.  Then I realize that it's highly unlikely anyone has even noticed or gotten upset and then I feel bad that I felt bad....  

9.  ...so then I write random posts and schedule them to be released during the day.  But when I schedule them I purposely put them at random times like "11:16 AM" so they don't seem scheduled.  Huh, look at the time for this post. Weird. 

10.  Despite my inability to remember lyrics or carry a tune or clap on beat I really want to go sing karaoke soon but only if I can sing Total Eclipse of the Heart (which I totally thought was call Bright Eyes until I just tried to YouTube it-- please see number 6).

turn around.... bright eyeeeeeeessss....


oh, but I need a sweet teased blond wig first...

4 comments- my fav!:

Michelle said...

I love this!! Nerds are the best! \o/
I completely dig the whole list!

Maggie said...

This oldie but goodie post is for you, then: http://www.freckledcitizen.com/2010/07/total-eclipse-of-heart-trifecta.html.

Kristin said...

I wish I could say goodbye to cable tv. It's got a strangle hold on me. HA!

S@sha said...

Did you know that it's National Book Month in October? I didn't, the National Book Foundation needs better marketing. In honor I'm going to post about some of my favorite books for the rest of the month.

Your NPR comment made me laugh because I can relate. The news doesn't embarrass me at intersections, but I often listen to classical music in the car because it keeps me from developing road rage, and my neighborhood is much more of a Ranchero or Rap type of neighborhood. On the flip side, my neighborhood is the only one where I can indulge my secret love of Enrique Inglesias without risking ridicule.

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