The inevitable

The all-nighter: I knew it would happen at some point in my culinary school career.  And it's happening right now as I type. Some how my usually good time management skills flew out the window in the last week leaving me with hours of unplanned homework on a school night.  I have a paper due tomorrow and an incredibly dry and long online training to complete.

I'm not going to just skip my homework so here I am at 3:23 am finally finishing my work. 

So here's the real problem. I'm done. Proof read, prepared, and done.  But I have to be up at 5 am.  Do I go to sleep for an hour and a half power nap or do I just stick it out?

I'll admit it... I have the will power of a kitten when I have to drag myself out of bed.  I've done this before during my undergrad career where I would just "take a little" nap before getting up early.  It hardly ever worked. But, I'm older, wiser, and more driven now.  Right?

Shit, here goes nothing.  Cross your fingers I wake up in time to turn in my papers.

I'll update you with either my great success or my epic failure in the morning. No pressure.

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missris said...

I have literally never pulled an all-nighter. I would always cave and at least take a power nap. So, how did it turn out?

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