A Suessian Ode to Berlin

I'm in Berlin

Berlin I'm in

That Berlin-I'm-in
That Berlin-I'm-in
I do not like that Berlin-I'm-in!

Do you like
soaked shoes and socks?
I do not like them, Berlin-I'm-in.
I do not like
soaked shoes and socks!

So, Berlin. Berlin-I'm-in. I'm afraid that Berlin may become the city that I irrationally dislike during my entire trip. In 36 hours I've been totally soaked twice by very cold rain.

Now, you may be calling me an idiot and wondering why the hell I didn't get out of the rain and stop wining. But I have an answer! I did get out of the rain! But the large majority of the interesting stuff (that so far I have found) in Berlin is OUTSIDE. Yes, outside, in the rain.

Granted, I did go to an amazing, indoor, museum about the Holocaust which is in conjunction with the "Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe" (intense name huh?) but on a whole I would have to say this about Berlin that has amazing free outdoor exhibitions, is covered in graffiti, and has a focal point of the former Berlin wall:

Berlin: look at the art on the walls of the buildings, not on the walls in the buildings.

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Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

pictures of the graffiti please!!

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