A Texas Tradition

I miss home. A lot. Or it's not really home that I miss but more the
people and my very happy life in Dallas. As some of you know, last
weekend was OU/TX weekend. I can't explain this weekend perfectly to
non-Dallasites but I'll give it my best shot. Every year, what I
consider the biggest rivals in the Big 12 football converence meet
head to head in my hometown. My city and my favorite hangouts are
swamped with dueling Texas and Oklahoma fans. For OU/UT weekend you
really have only 2 choices: leave town or embrace the game, strap on a
band waggon t-shirt, and join in for a day filled with Big 10 fun. I
defenitely prefer to take part in the day. I'll be honest, I don't
care who wins. Chris is from Oklahoma and is a huge OU fan so just for
the sake of my releationship I would have cheered for OU this year.

So here comes the part where I whine for a while. I really have no
right to whine: I'm traveling across Europe Iand was in Cannes over
the weekend. But it's my blog and I'll do what I want! I missed OU/UT
weekend this year. There was a giant party with all of my friends and
a chili cookoff. I make great chili! I like parties! I like to watch

I can handle not sleeping in my own very comfy bed for months, having
to search to find the way to flush the toliet, the language barriers,
and all of the other challenges faced during traveling. But most of
all I miss life at home. How can it be passing on without me?

4 comments- my fav!:

Christian said...

Erm, OU and ut are in the Big 12, not the Big 10...

Allison said...

Miss you too Mer!
There will be many more TX/OU weekends in the future :)

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

You could make up for it and come home for homecoming. It's not going to be the same without you! Did you hear about the Mustang got? When I heard all I could think about was us making dew-ritas with PERU-NA-NA.

Courtney said...

whatever the tx ou party totally sucked and the chili was nasty. no one had fun you didnt miss anything ;)

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