As some of you know I love to sleep. On average I fall asleep three to
six minutes after I close my eyes and rarely stir until my dreaded
alarm goes off. I'll also freely admit that I still need a regular 10
hours of sleep a night. It's ridiculous, I'm like a child.

I also have an issue that no matter how much sleep I have gotten I am
usually slightly sleepy or almost always would be willing to take a nap.

In fact an ex-boyfriend who is not as kind as Chris used to be a real ass to
me about it and when I would say I was tired he would kind of give me a
half eye roll/dirty look and say "aren't you always tired?". In
fact, I might have developed a slight complex from it but that for
another post, a book really, called "complexes and hatred for The Red
Hot Chili Peppers caused ex-boyfreinds".

That being said I have an issue: omg public transportation in Europe
makes me SO sleepy!

Seriously, put me on a bus, train, tram, subway, etc at any time of
day and my eyelids will get heavy and I'll start to yawn!

While this isn't a heavy burden on short or very long rides it's
worrysome on the medium lenght trips. Missing my station would be such
a giant pain that could add hours onto a travel day. While some of you
might doubt my ability to sleep so intensely I give you this story:

The morning Chris, Eddie, and Allan left Germany I walked them to the
subway stop and wished them bon voyage before going back to the hostel
and sleeping for another 2 hours. After waking from my nap I packed my
things, checked out of the hostel, crossed the street, and got on a
train to Berlin. I was still sleepy so I shoved my jacket against the
window and closed my eyes. But, before I went to sleep I made sure my
train pass was on my lap but under my hand so the conductor could see
it when checking tickets and maybe wouldn't wake me. Two and a half
hours later I woke up rubbing eyes and trying to tell if anyone had
noticed that I had been slightly drooling. My ticket was still under
my hand and in fact it wasn't checked for the rest of the trip. This
was a little surprising because I was on the more expensive highspeed
train but not completely out of the ordinary. 4 days later I'm on a
train from Berlin to Prague and I get out my train pass to write intge
date when I make a huge discovery: my ticket WAS checked! Evidently
while I was asleep a conductor came by, punched my ticket and then
replaced my hand and I never woke up!

So, I'm not sure if there is a moral to this story; but from now on I'm
only letting myself fall asleep on trains when I have my alarm set to
wake before my arrival time or copious ammounts of time to sleep
before my stop!

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