A surprise for you!

Hello my loves!

I'm terrible at blogging on a consistent basis. I'm not sure why I
can't get it together regularly; I think it's because a full blog post
seems like a grand undertaking where I have to write clever,
informative, and entertaining prose. So instead of just a little
boring something I write nothing. But then again, I'm not sure that I
am ever clever, informative, or ensughtful so I should just write!

So, I am attempting to reform! I have just discovered that it is
possible to email in blog posts so now I will be working on posts and
then uploading them!

Now, for your surprise (which sadly is not your very own pet unicorn)
and as your reward for your patience and dedication I have written,
submitted, and scheduled 4 posts to be revealed in the next 2 days!
That's right y'all! You get to read me babble 5 times in the next 48
hours!!! Woooooooohoooo!

At least pretend to be excited?


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Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I'm so excited. YAYAYYY

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