Liar liar pants on fire!

Steve Jobs and Apple Corp
142 Machintosh Street
Somewhere west coast

My iPod is a liar. According to my iPod my 25 most played songs include:

- little red jumpsuit: face down
- dashboard confessional: screaming infidelities as well as 4 other dashboard songs
- fergie: glamorous
- gym class heros: Cupid's chokehold
- good charolette- I don't wanna be in love
- the instrumental version of my life will go on from titanic

Steve, I'm sure you have been teased in the past for being a nerd or a
computer geek. Then you should be able to sympathize with my situation; this list is embarassing and deserves to be made fun of. It's like the iPod's version of "now that what I call music: best of 2008". I didn't even know I had Good Charolette on my ipod so how can they be in my top 25 most played? Does my iPod hate me and want to embarass me by inventing this list of most played? Do I listen to this music in my sleep? What is happening?

Please Steve! Spare me the shame!

Embarassingly yours,

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Courtney said...

hillarious.. face down mere? really?! haha

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