jealousy: I haves it

I have a confession to make. And like all good confessions I think I should tell the entire internet:

OMG. Stephanie Lauren Kahan I am so jealous of all of your witty blog titles. I know you've always been really really good at being good with words; think of all of the hilarious nick names, secret clubs, and inside phrases you created for us in college! But still! I want to be as clever as you!

That is all. I feel sort of better.

Check out her annoyingly perfectly witty blog titles at:

1 comments- my fav!:

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Awww you are too sweet! xoxo

You made my day and I really needed it since I'm stuck in Saint Louis with all my family, Canadian hippie aunt included, visiting my grandma.

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