Pere Lachaise

On my second to last day in Paris I went to one of the most famous cemetaries in Paris, Pere Lachaise. Pere Lachaise is a gorgeous old cemetary; most people know it for some of the famous people burried there: Oscar Wilde, Edith Pilaf, and Jim Morisson.

I walked around the entire cemetary and was shocked when I wandered by Jim Morrison's grave. It was packed with people! There were at least 20 or 30 people hanging out there. I know I have the musical intellegence of a porcupine but I can't name a single song by The Doors. I saw so many beatiful stained glass windows, old grave stones, and met a 11 kilo cat names Fifi while there. I wonder how many people enjoyewd the cemetary or just went to take a picture with Jim and post it as their facebook profile picture?

For some creepy reason I actually really like cemetaries. I mean I also liked reruns of the Addams Family as a kid but that's a different conversation all together. There is something about the stillness that appeals to me. There is also an interesting cultural point about cemetaries; obviously someone cared enough about that person at some time to errect a stone but then over time they are completely forgotten. I don't really have an end conclusion to this point, but it´s something that I do think about while I am walking around.

I want to share some of my favorite pictures of the cemetary with you my loves:

Fifi the 11 kilo cat

My favorite picture of stained glass where you can see through the broken glass to the trees outside (turn your head to the side to see it because I can´t figure out how to rotate it on blogger, soooowwwwyyy)

And last but not least, my two favorite pictures I took the entire day:

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Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

You are becoming quite the little photographer! Love all the pictures. Fifi scares me a bit and you're "I'm Creepy" tag makes me smile.


Courtney said...

Fifi= my own personal hell! Reminds me of the joke about the "him a layin'" joke, ha!!!

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