Food Friday 2 (Saturday edition)

Hello my loves!

This week has been a little out of the norm because I have been staying with a college friend and her parents for the last week. So, I've only done a little cooking, but don't worry I've been doing a lot eating!

I brought you photos this week! And, how fabulous am I?

We have had traditional meat pies and mash

It was delish! The meat pies are filled with minced beef and they are pies not pot pies so there is just meat and none of the extra yummy ingredients of veggies or gravy. The mashed potatoes were great too (not as good as my mom's though), the server put then or really scraped them onto the plate with a giant spatula. The green sauce on the side is called liquor and I really cannot explain it to you; it's some sort of cream and flecks of green? Who knows what it is but it was quite tasty! We shared a long table with some English people who told up the best way to eat it is with a dash or two of vinegar and a giant spoon. And at 2.80 a plate it's an amazing deal from one of the oldest still existing pie shops, M Manze.

I've also eaten some amazing Indian food this week

from Spicy World

Chinese food in London's Chinatown

And have eaten some delicious fresh fruits, veggies, delicious prosciutto, and amazing cheese from the local Borough Market

I'm headed to Paris tomorrow and will start cooking again soon!


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