happy trip gift to me!

Hello sunshines,

It's a beautiful day here in London, perfect really! 70ish and sunny with a nice breeze! The weather in London hasn't been bad at all, just a little chilly at times with constant humidity. 

I've decided to make a big financial decision for my trip: I'm buying myself a new camera. I brought a compact digital camera with me but it just isn't making my heart happy with the pictures it is taking.  I have a super deluxe nikon camera at home but I decided not to bring it to Europe with me because it's heavy, really obviously screams "I'M A TOURIST!", is easy to pawn, and I would be really really sad if it got stolen. 

So, I bought at Fujifilm S1500 at an adorable local camera shop where they helped set up my camera and gave me a 10 minute camera lesson. 

I took my first pictures today while doing some typical tourist sights.  Surprise surprise I haven't uploaded them yet because I NEVER EVER EVER EVER upload pictures, it's physically impossible for me to upload photos in a timely manner. 

I'll try very hard to upload them tonight. 


2 comments- my fav!:

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Ummm I feel like this is South Seas circa 2006 all over again. "Mer please upload your picturesssssss!"

Christian said...

1.) Meredith, I'm sorry my pitful camera, given from my heart for you trip, was alas insufficient.
2.) You still haven't uploaded the pictures from New Orleans...From New Years!!!

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