The gym was great yesterday. Instead of taking a 10-minute ride on the L I walked 35 minutes to the gym and 35 minutes home. Legs are the cheapest transportation ever!

Instead of doing pilates (rock your body... with pilates....) I took a yoga class. I did yoga on and off during my college career but didn't really get into it-- never to the point where I was holding myself up off the ground or centering my chakra or knowing what a chakra is.

It felt so good to really stretch my body for an hour. It was also tough. I am not as flexible as I once was and I was awkwardly told today that my knees rotate out and that I should try to balance my thighs while counter-balancing my calves. Say what? Seriously... I'm still working on walking and texting at the same time.

And since all great posts need a few great pictures here are some of my friend I's very sweet pup:

I'm feeling back to 99% after my IUD placement on Monday with just a tingle of tummy cramps but so far so good! If I turn into a crazy hormonal bitch I'll be sure to let you know!

Day 2- Must go to the gym now!! It's too early to give up!

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails,

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missris said...

Walking is the best! If it's nice out and I'm headed somewhere walkable, I always try to hoof it instead of paying $2.25 for the train.

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