Kentucky Derby!

Happy Friday Love Bugs!

I hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend as well as the AMAZING weather we are having here in Chicago!

This weekend I am headed to a Kentucky Derby party and will be rocking this outfit (don't worry I'm adding a big hat!)

These espadrilles are my new favorites! But with a 4-inch heel my normally 5'9 self becomes a rocking 6'1. I like it... but I always feel a little like an awkward amazon when I wear such high heels.So if you see a giant woman in a huge hat walking down the street in Chicago this weekend it might or might not be me.

I'm now off to make some Mint Julep mix for the party!

Have a great weekend!

and for one last laugh before we head off into the weekend

2 comments- my fav!:

I'm with Ed said...

You look great in that dress! I'm so jealous you are going to a Kentucky Derby party! Good thing you aren't going to the actual derby b/c the weather is supposed to be bad! Take pics when you are there!!! I want to see the full outfit with the big hat!!!

LBBrady said...

We'll just call you what we used to call Al - a GLAMAZON - Lo

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