IUD Recovery

Good afternoon lambs!

Today I was forced to act like an adult (hate) while I was at the gynecologist. For a variety of reasons I decided that despite the pain and discomfort the best birth control option for me is an IUD.

It definitely did hurt. DEFINITELY did hurt but luckily just not as much as I thought it would. While I would rather get a bikini wax over an IUD any day... the pain wasn't unbearable by any means. It hurt while it was happening, like a giant pinch in my abdomen but now I'm just suffering through cramps (which are no worse than what I had before going on birth control).

But since I was forced to suck it up and not be a whiner in front of the doctor I decided to come home and act like a whiner in front my boyfriend. So far he made me a delicious lunch and gave me some much needed snuggles to combat the cramps.

I've also been indulging myself with a few cheesy episode of MacGyver:

Hopefully the cramps will go away soon and we can all pretend that I don't even like MacGyver and only read books my Tolstoy, Hemingway, Dostoevsky, and other great and intellectual novels.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and cramp-free Monday!


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