What a trip!

Hello loves! It's been a long time since I've been home in Chicago! Chris and I flew out on the 12th of March and just got home this morning. We were suppose to arrive last night but electrical storms canceled our flight. We had a very early 7:45 am flight and as soon as we landed I had to rush to a doctors appointment downtown. I would have postponed it but the office has one of those very annoying $25 fees if you don't cancel within 24 hours-- I wish I could charge the airlines a fee like that for my flight last night!

You might be wondering what we've been doing away for the last 3 weeks. Luckily because Chris is a consultant and happens to be traveling to North Carolina the majority of weeks or can work out of the Dallas branch of his company he was able to work while we cobbled together a grand moving/road trip/friend seeing/Easter extravaganza. We flew into North Carolina, flew to Texas, drove from Texas through Arkansas and Tennessee back to North Carolina, and then arrived where we started in Chicago this morning!

While in Dallas I packed all of the furniture and belongings in my condo and turned the keys over to the new owners. It felt a little surreal moving out; I moved into the condo at the end of my freshman year of college and spent almost 6 years there. Packing and moving was a hideous nightmare. There was just so much stuff to go through. For instance, what was i suppose to do with my old college class notes? In the end I kept some and recycle others. But I'm sure in 5 years (barring that i go to grad school for history and bust out those old notes) I will come to my senses and get rid of them all.

The biggest lesson of moving was not to procrastinate-- go ahead and tackle the back of the closet or the bathroom drawer filled with cosmetic samples. Ten minutes on one project now is so much more tolerable than hours on every project when it's time to move. NEVER AGAIN. Seriously y'all. Lesson learned. If I'm not using that two-year-old sparkly exfoliating body scrub now I won't be using it in two years. So why keep it? And cosmetics have a pretty short shelf life or so i saw on an episode of Tyra once; but it was an episode of Tyra....

Chris and I drove an explore full of my stuff home to North Carolina. The drive was incredible and we had so much fun taking our first official road trip together! This weekend I celebrated (totally not the right word) Easter with my mom and our family friends, played a lot of tennis, and made some delicious meals. It was fabulously relaxing after a stressful week and a half of moving boxes.

But, I'm glad to be back here in Chicago. Strangely it now feels like home.

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I'm with Ed said...

Oh packing/cleaning sucks....I know your pain! Glad I could enjoy some wine and chatting while watching you pack! haha. I had fun and miss you tons!!!!

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