Lifetime List- Part 4

more things to do!

31. Have a “signature dish”—something that everyone will ask me to bring to a potluck.
32. Go ice fishing.
33. Get all of my amazing girlfriends across the nation together for an unforgettable weekend.
34. Spend a month in the woods with nothing but the pack on my back and whatever I can carry in it.
35. Use the phrase “the last time I was in Thailand” in a completely legitimate way.
36. Own my own company.
37. Learn how to clean and cook and entire fish.
38. Play with a baby elephant.

39. Run a 7-minute mile.
40. Compete in a hot air balloon race.
I'm less than half way into my list. it's going to be a challenge to make the next 60 items!

3 comments- my fav!:

Eloise said...

I love your list. #35 about saying "the last time I was in Thailand" cracked me up.

Darling baby elephant, by the way!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

You're getting so creative with your goal list, I love it! Honestly, if I did just two of the above goals, I'd be set :).

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness this is great!!
33 and 38!!! WONDERFUL!
and HOT AIR BALLOON RACE!??! i'm dying that sounds so wonderful!!!

okay doppleganger update... i can see a little anne hathaway or SOPHIA BUSH!!!!!!! them combined is you!

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