Facebook-- You're making me angry

*** note: if you're looking for unicorns, rainbows, and cuddly puppies in snuggies this is not the blog post to read. I am about to vent off a mighty storm of anger that has been brewing for a while.

Would you walk up to someone as say "I think your sweater is ugly! And let's not even start talking about the color of your headband, why the hell would you ever choose that color? You must be an idiot!"? Let's hope the answer is no; if not then, we have an entire separate set of issues to discus. But let's assume you aren't a giant jerk. Then can someone please explain to me why in the world people do that on facebook all the time?! But instead of commenting on people's taste in clothing they comment on something even more personal: their political tastes.

I lean heavier to one political side than the other. But, I would like to think that if you met me and we didn't discuss politics you might have a guess where I lean but you would never be fully sure. And while I want my party to succeed and support them through financial donations, my vote, and volunteering, I never act like an ass in public about my party.

This whole Brown vs Coakley thing has stirred up the idiocy on facebook once again. And even when political discussions aren't being shouted about on facebook I see offensive statuses like this all the time:

"Obama is an idiot! Oh yea, and the rest of the democrats too!"


"Suck it conservative assholes, we win!"

Would you ever say this to someone in person? Then why is it okay to set this as your facebook status? It's simple: it's not.

When you want to act like a grow up and have a real conversation about politics and opposing political views then give me a call and we'll go to Starbucks, drink coffee, at times agree, and at times agree to disagree.

I do realize I'm being an ass myself in this rant, but enough is enough!

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Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Its people like that who turn me off of politics. Unfortunate.

Maggie said...

Thank goodness for Facebook's "Hide" feature - it's literally the only way I can remain "friends" with some old classmates and certain family members!

(So glad I found your blog, btw - love it!! Your trip sounds AMAZING!)

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